A&E Networks MAC Technician in New York, New York

MAC Technician
Staff Full Time
New York
This position will be responsible for the following duties in support of our Print Production, Production Graphics and Post Production Departments:
Provide technical (hardware, software, and networking) support for all end user issues across multiple locations.
Technical support to Mac workstations & Mac Applications including but not limited to all Adobe Creative Cloud suite applications and plugins, storage systems such as Isilon, Avid & Xsan, and IP networking. Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of end user hardware, software and related peripherals including, but not limited to desktops, laptops, and printers. Server and Database maintenance, both physical, VM and Managed Service. This position will be responsible for efficient operation, uptime and overall stability of the technical environment. Hands on operational support and troubleshooting are a necessity.

User Technical Problems: Troubleshooting common off the shelf software such as Adobe's Creative Cloud, MS Office 20xx, Extensis UTC, and Final Cut Pro as included on the MAC image. In-depth and broad knowledge in troubleshooting Apple OS X. Proficiency in resolving compatibility problems between new versions of the operating system and/or software applications. Plus solving Mac workstations problems down to component level, network connectivity and printing issues. Integration and deployment of new workstations and workstation images via jamf Casper.
Production Support Backend Systems: Production tools that encompasses servers, operating systems, and major applications such as AVID Nexis/ISIS, Promise Xsan, Dell EMC OneFS, Archiware Presstore & Canto Cumulus require maintenance, data backup, etc. in order to ensure that Graphics, Print Artists, & Video Editors are able to meet their obligation for On-Air and other provided services.
Data Protection: Create, implement, and maintain back-up and recovery jobs so that the stress and financial cost that come with accidentally deleting or losing files are mitigated for our business partner, plus if our business partners have to work off-site because our office is uninhabitable, the data is readily available. The back-up and recovery policy must benefit our business partners with faster backups, improved recovery time, reduced off-site rotation, and efficient back schedule.
Provide system integration in both Production and Post Production infrastructure including but not limited to: Workstation Imaging, Testing & Installation, Server Imaging, Powershell scripting, debugging, testing & installation. Cable fabrication & installation, equipment installation, Documentation creation & revision.
2 Years of College or S in Engineering preferred
Must have a great attitude and enjoy customer serviceTroubleshooting skills and knowledge of Xsan's and Isilon (OneFS) Filesystem, Active/Open Directory, and workstations connectionsExperience with Mac OS X Server, Promise VTrak, Isilon, Fibre Switches, Adobe Application, Microsoft OfficeDeep knowledge of IP addressing, file and directory permissions and networking concepts and terminologyStrong verbal and written communication skills, ability to work under deadlines, ability to complete projects in a multi-tasking environment.

Apple XSan, Isilon NAS, Desktop, & Server certification are a plus3-5 years in Graphics plus Print-production environment.

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